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Lighting your cigar properly makes a big difference in how enjoyable a cigar smoking experience can be. Learn how we light our cigars here at Broadleaf for maximum enjoyment...

The cigars you purchase here at Broadleaf are all fine premium hand-rolled tobacco from the best growers and manufacturers in the world. Whether your tastes lean to mild Connecticut shade, flavorful maduro or s full-bodied ligero, as many as 100 people have worked to prepare the cigar you've chosen for your smoking enjoyment. 

While the cigar is key to your enjoyment, cutting and lighting your cigar are vital to enjoying the cigar the way the artisans who created it intended. Here at Broadleaf we have adopted an "old school" philosophy to lighting a cigar to maximize flavor and enjoyment.

The Broadleaf Way
Use wood. In the 2004 movie "Hellboy", while the characters are fighting their way through Rasputin's Tomb, Tom Manning (played by Jeffery Tambor) stops Hellboy (played by Ron Perlman) while he's lighting his cigar. Hellboy is getting ready to use what looks like the typical Zippo lighter. Manning tells Hellboy to use a wooden match because the lighter effects the flavor of the cigar. Manning is right in his advice.

Lighter fluids, sulfur and paper matches contain chemicals and contaminants that transfer to the cigar when used. So, here at Broadleaf, when we want to light a great cigar, we use slivers of Spanish Cedar -- we have a cup on hand for our customers in our lounge.

Spanish cedar is the typical wood used in the construction of humidors and cigar boxes. Many manufacturers include thin slices of this cedar in their boxes to separate layers of cigars. 

The lighting process is simple. Take a butane lighter, match or other flame source and light the sliver of cedar. Then, use the flaming cedar to light your cigar. Hold the flame to the foot of the cigar while it's in your mouth slowly puff. Twirl the cigar to toast the end evenly as you draw.

The aroma from the burning cedar is sublime -- as is the experience.
Best: Wooden Matches 

Again, using wood, lighting your cigar with an old fashioned wooden match is produces the best results. When you can't use a sliver of cedar, wooden matches are the best way to go. Non-sulfur tipped cedar matches are the best choice, but they are hard to find in the US. Regular wooden matches are the next best choice. 

Simply light the match and let the sulfur tip burn away -- sulfur will introduce a bad flavor to your cigar that will linger for the whole smoke. Hold the flame to the foot of the cigar while it's in your mouth slowly puff. Twirl the cigar to toast the end evenly as you draw.

Torch Lighters 
Whether you spend $4.00 on a disposable torch or you lay-out hundreds or even thousands on a top-of-the-line collector model, a butane fueled torch is a great and convenient way of lighting up -- especially in windy environments.

The blue flame produced by most torch lighters reaches about 2500 degrees -- about the temperature of the Sun. Toast the foot of the cigar as you would with a sliver of cedar or match -- make sure not to burn the sides of your cigar though. Twirl the cigar to toast the end evenly as you draw.

Having a torch on hand is a must for every cigar smoker. You can light your cigar directly or use it to light your slivers of cedar The Broadleaf Way. We have a complete line of torch lighters in stock for people in all budget categories.
Good: Standard Butane Lighters 

The difference between a torch and a butane lighter is in how the fuel is delivered to create the flame. Standard Butane lighters don't force as much fuel through the nozzle of the lighter, so it won't burn as hot. The flame will typically be yellow instead of blue for this reason. Hold the flame to the foot of the cigar while it's in your mouth slowly puff. Twirl the cigar to toast the end evenly as you draw.
Not Recommended : Zippo & Fluid Lighters 

While the standard Zippo lighter looks really nice and has become an icon of sorts, the fluid it uses is almost the worst thing you can use to light your cigar. Zippo recently released a torch lighter and there are several aftermarket torch inserts you can use to retrofit your Zippo for a better experience.

Paper Matches 
The sulfur isn't the thing that makes paper matches bad -- it's the paper. You might as well use slices of newspaper to light your cigars -- they have less contaminants in them. 
The key to avoiding paper matches is to always be prepared. Carry your own wooden matches or torch lighter with you at all times. However, if you have no choice but to use a paper match, make sure to allow the sulfur to burn away before lighting your cigar.

We carry a large selection of the most coveted premium cigars and pipe tobaccos produced worldwide. Every item is of the highest quality and taste available. Whether you are looking for cigars, pipe tobacco, or accessories, we have resources for the novice to premium tobacco aficionados. Relax in our smoking lounge with Free WIFI where you can enjoy new tobacco products you have purchased.

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