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Led by Broadleaf Tobacco owner Seth Howard The Broadleaf Connoisseur Club is open to all cigar smokers - no membership fees or special sign-ups required.


Have you ever read a cigar review and wondered "What the heck are they talking about? Is your personal review of a cigar limited to "it's good" or "it's bad"? The Broadleaf Connoisseur Club is an informal weekly meeting of cigar smokers looking to learn more about the cigars they select. We meet on Thursdays from 6:30 PM to 8 PM. Each week, the staff selects a spotlight cigar to experience in the group setting, led by Seth Howard, discussion focuses on detecting flavors, examining composition, cigar styles and sizes, comparative options, cutting techniques, lighting options and more. We then rate the chosen cigar.

Other than the price of each week's cigar, there is no cost to participate and no reservations are needed -- just show-up. We encourage both seasoned smokers as well as people that are new to cigar smoking to attend and contribute.

The Broadleaf Man

The Broadleaf Man Is Our Focus! Look in the mirror - you're the typical Broadleaf Man. And we built our store from the ground up for you. At Broadleaf Tobacco & Smoke Shop, our mission is to offer you the best cigars and tobacco products available in a relaxing social atmosphere that fosters conversation and a sense of true community. We are the premiere destination for fine cigars in Anne Arundel County!

Whether you're a seasoned cigar aficionado, regular fixture in our smoking lounge or new to the area and just beginning to smoke cigars, we warmly welcome you to our store.

Unlike many area smoke shops, our lounge is open to all of our customers -- not just a select few that rent private humidor space. Our comfortable leather couches and chairs are available to everyone.

Trusted Tobacconist

The best way to find a new cigar is through the recommendation of a friend or trusted tobacconist. For the most part, we stock what we personally like to smoke - so, when you ask us if a cigar is good, we'll almost always say yes.  

But there are lots of cigars and lots of other personal preferences that can lead you to your next great smoke that we draw from when making our selections about what to stock. If you don't find your brand contact us if you would like us to carry yours!

We carry a large selection of the most coveted premium cigars and pipe tobaccos produced worldwide. Every item is of the highest quality and taste available. Whether you are looking for cigars, pipe tobacco, or accessories, we have resources for the novice to premium tobacco aficionados. Relax in our smoking lounge with Free WIFI where you can enjoy new tobacco products you have purchased.

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