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Dropping the ash off the end of a cigar can be a messy business. As far as we know, up to now, there is no formal name for the dropping of ash in places where it doesn't belong -- on your shirt, the floor, poker table surface, etc...

Now for a little history. Our glorious SPITT leader, Mike Schroeder and his father come into the store often -- Mike daily and his father Ed on occasion. They have this genetic anomaly which forces them to let the ash build on their cigars. Gravity and the movement associated with smoking conspire to cause their award winning ash build-up to drop with little or no warning.

Given the Schroeder's propensity for ash dropping, we have named the act of dropping ash where it doesn't belong -- Schroedering.

Schroedering is serious business. Recently, a cigarette smoker in England found himself in court over dropping his ash on a sidewalk. The Judge threw the charges out, but the fact that someone had to go through the trouble of getting to court over a misplaced ash.

Good Ash Formation
You constantly read in cigar reviews of this thing called good ash formation. But, what is it and why do those that judge cigars care?
Let's look at a cigar that has good ash formation:
This Hoyo De Monterrey is exhibiting all the characteristics of a great burning cigar. First, there's the nice even burn -- which means the tobacco is perfectly hydrated and physically rolled. Cigars that burn unevenly may have density differentials internally that cause them to "toe nail" or "chimney" as the less dense areas burn faster than the rest of the cigar.

Note how tight the ash is as it burns. The tighter the ash, the better the quality of the cigar. In this case, the ash is literally replacing the footprint of the unsmoked cigar, save for a slight contraction as the tobacco dries and combusts.

The ring formation is clearly present. This shows the smoker how each puff causes the cigar to burn and produce the flavorful smoke they crave.

Finally, notice that the ash is on the whitish side. Cigars that leave black ash are lower quality, come from poor soil or are not designed to adequately combust and produce the targeted flavors in the smoke.

Having personally smoked this cigar to the end, I can tell you that it exhibited all the top burning characteristics that make it a great cigar.

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